World Environment Day 2010

Gibraltar, as has now become customary joined the rest of the world in celebrating World Environment Day (WED) 2010.

The theme for WED 2010 was biodiversity and the slogan “Many Species, One Planet, One Future”. It echoes the urgent call to protect the biodiversity of life on our planet. A world without biodiversity is a very bleak prospect. Millions of people and millions of species all share the same planet, although not always in harmony with each other. Only together can we share and enjoy a more prosperous future. Through WED, Gibraltar employed its individual and collective (with the rest of the world) power to stem the tide of extinction.

Did you know that you are one in a million? Or more precisely, one of millions on this planet - anywhere in fact between an estimated 5 million to 100 million species. Scientist have only managed to identify about 2 million species so far. If you think about it, that means there is a huge amount we still don't know about our planet or whom we share it with.

What we do know though is that humans are among only a handful of species whose populations are growing, while most animals and plants are becoming rarer and fewer. For more information, visit our Introduction to Biodiversity section.

Eleven schools took part in this year’s WED events. The message of preserving the world’s biodiversity was heard loud and clear as children from 5-12 years of age portrayed their messages through song and dance. The Tercentenary Sports Hall was filled with pupils, teachers, parents and dignitaries for what proved to be a very enjoyable and passionate demonstration on local environmental attitudes.