World Environment Day 2009

Gibraltar, along with over 100 other countries around the globe, was busy celebrating World Environment Day on the 5th June.

This year’s theme — Your planet needs you: Unite to Combat climate change – presents yet another challenge for all of us.

Research clearly shows that the earth’s climate is changing, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Changes in our climate will subsequently result in the occurrence of differential impacts; some countries will be quickly and adversely affected whereas other countries may barely notice any impacts.

The Department of the Environment was spearheading Gibraltar’s participation on World Environment Day and the message was evident: we all need to come together and do our bit to prevent unwanted changes in the earth’s climate before it is too late.

The school programme focused on spreading the environmental message as interpreted by our younger generation and the message was very clear, Gibraltar’s children are very much aware of their environment and care deeply for it! Nine schools performed on the day with other schools celebrating the event in-house.

World Environment Day 2009 Publication