World Environment Day 2016

Environment Trade Fair at John Mackintosh Square (The Piazza)
Friday June 3rd 2016

World Environment Day (WED) is the United Nations’ campaign for encouraging global awareness and action for the environment.  Over the years it has grown into a global platform for public outreach that is widely celebrated in over 100 countries.  It serves as the people’s day for doing something positive for the environment, inspiring individual actions that collectively can generate a hugely positive impact on the planet.  

This year’s topic is that of the illegal wildlife trade.  The booming illegal trade in wildlife products is eroding Earth’s precious biodiversity, robbing us of our natural heritage and pushing whole species towards extinction.  The killing and smuggling is also undermining economies, fuelling organised crime, and feeding corruption and insecurity across the globe.  This year’s theme – Go Wild for Life – encourages people to celebrate all those species under threat and take action to help safeguard them for future generations.  This can be about animals or plants that are threatened within your local area as well as at global level.  

By celebrating WED, we remind ourselves and others of the importance of caring for our environment and that every action counts.  The Department of the Environment and Climate Change will once again be participating in UNEP’s World Environment Day celebrations by hosting an environmental Trade Fair at John Mackintosh Square on Friday the 3rd of June from 11am-5pm.  The Trade Fair will be officially launched by the Minister for the Environment and Climate Change.

The event offers a great opportunity for businesses, environmental professionals and all those interested in environmental issues to present their environmental services and products, raise awareness, exchange ideas and develop business initiatives.