Bathing Waters

A new Bathing Water Directive (2006/7/EC) was adopted on the 15th February 2006 and will replace the existing directive by 2014. The new  Directive lays down provisions for more sophisticated monitoring and classification of bathing water. Directive 2006/7/EC requires Member States to draw up a management plan for each site to minimise risks to bathers, based on an assessment of the sources of contamination that are likely to affect it. The annual Bathing Water Report and Tourist Atlas can be viewed here.

Information on a bathing site’s quality classification, the results of water quality monitoring, the site’s management plan and other relevant information is to be made readily available to the public, both through displays at the site and through the media and internet. 

The classification of water quality at a bathing site will be determined on the basis of a three year trend instead of a single year’s result as at present. This means that the classification will be less susceptible to bad weather or one-off incidents. Where water quality is consistently good over a three-year period the frequency of sampling may be reduced.

Gibraltar has six bathing areas, Camp Bay, Catalan Bay, Eastern Beach, Little Bay, Sandy Bay and Western Beach. These areas are all monitored by the Environmental Agency on a fortnightly basis each year. 

The latest results can be viewed here.