Water Framework Directive

The overriding aim behind the Water Framework Directive is to ensure that all our water bodies, both coastal and groundwater, achieve or maintain “Good Status” by 2015. The implications of this Directive are therefore far more comprehensive than any other piece of water legislation.

With this aim in mind, Government appointed consultants to carry out an initial characterisation study and produce a report on their findings. This report provides a summary of Gibraltar's water bodies and includes an analysis of the characteristics of the Gibraltar River Basin District along with a review of the impact of human activity on the status of surface waters and groundwater. Data collected during this reporting process has subsequently been used by the Water Framework Directive Working Group (WFDWG) to develop a monitoring network for Gibraltar. Consultants have also been contracted to facilitate the scheme. The WFDWG itself is made up of a panel of local professionals, scientists and Government officials. It was specifically established to provide on-going technical and scientific advice to Government on the development and implementation of the Water Framework Directive.