Businesses and the WEEE Regulations

As a business you will be affected by the WEEE Regulations and will need to ensure you have the correct systems in place to deal with electrical equipment that your business owns. In addition, registration with the Department of the Environment is mandatory under the Environment (Waste) Regulations 2007 for all producers, importers and traders of WEEE products.


The WEEE Regulations requires all businesses selling electrical and electronic products to provide a free take-back in-store to enable purchasers to return their WEEE, when making a like for like purchase of new equipment. This means, for example, that when you purchase a DVD player you could return a record player. Businesses must accept it even if it is a different type or brand to those sold by them and even if the product was purchased elsewhere.


Businesses have a duty to accept WEEE as highlighted above but they should also advise the purchasers of EEE that the purchasers will be able to dispose of their unwanted EEE at our Recycling Centre situated at Europa Advance Battery, Europa Advance Road and operated by Gibraltar General Support Services Ltd.


Consumers will have the right to take back their old product free of charge when going to a shop to buy a new like for like product. The consumer can also expect you (the business) to arrange the take back of the old item from their premises if you deliver the new item.


Take back does not necessarily occur simultaneously with the new purchase.


The Take Back Obligation


'Like for Like'

This means equipment that is of equivalent type or fulfils the same function. This means a customer might expect to be able to take back for example an old personal compact disc player when buying a new one. It also implies that an old cassette player could be returned when a compact disc player is being purchased, because both are used for the function of playing recorded music and sound. The WEEE regulations provide retailers with a choice of compliance route for discharging this take-back obligation. Retailers and other distributors of electrical and electronic equipment are expected to offer "direct" take-back services as outlined above, from 13 August 2005; or alternatively, "indirectly" to show participation in a compliance scheme which would offer WEEE take-back services to consumers.


The WEEE Regulations require retailers and distributors offering take-back services to ensure that private householders are informed of the WEEE take-back facilities available to them. Householders should be encouraged to participate in the separate collection of WEEE. This information may cover retailers' own collection services or facilities and any other systems available for take-back of WEE. Households should be informed of the meaning of the crossed out wheeled bin symbol on products covered by the Directive (i.e. WEEE should not be co-disposed with other waste).


It might be appropriate for retailers to liaise with the Department of the Environment, to make information available.


It will be for the parties concerned, either importers or retailers to determine the best ways to communicate this information to householders. The options for this may include:

  • Posters and/or leaflets in stores/point of sale
  • Information on websites
  • Advertisements in the local media
  • Collaborative information exercises with the Department of the Environment


Registration of Producers, Importers and Traders

Under the Environment (Waste) Regulations 2007, all producers, importers or traders of WEEE are required to register with the Department of the Environment. The Department of the Environment, as the Competent Authority, will maintain a register of all registered individuals and/or companies.

A person who is registered under this regulation shall inform the Department of the Environment of any change in the information contained in the register within one month from the date of any change. Any person who ceases to be a producer, importer or trader, shall inform the Department of the Environment who will amend the register accordingly.

In order to register as a producer, importer or trader of WEEE, the registration document will need to be completed and sent to the Department of the Environment via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . For further information please contact the Department of the Environment at the above e-mail address.

Further information is also available on the Government of Gibraltar Website.