Ways to Save Food!

How many of us have forgotten about that last pack of fresh chicken or mince at the back of the fridge until the last day? How about realising that the eggs you bought last week have just gone past their best before date? Sound familiar?


Fresh Meat

  • When fresh meat is approaching its USE BY date, why not freeze it?

Fresh Meat can be frozen on or before its USE BY date and defrosted up to 6-9 months later, depending on the freezer's instructions. Once defrosted, use within 24 hours and cook thoroughly.


  • Eggs can be eaten up to a couple of days after their BEST BEFORE date, provided they are thoroughly cooked.



  • If you have leftover vegetables which have gone passed their best, why not make a hearty winter soup or casserole. If you make too much, why not freeze the left overs and keep them for quick work lunches or suppers.