Fresh Food Labels

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When it comes to food labels, different people confuse the purpose behind different types of food labels. Below is a brief explanation of different types of food labels used within all supermarkets and local retailers.



A Best Before Date label does not specify a date by which a product should be used. This type of date label provides the consumer with an ideal date by which the product should be used. However, the product should still be safe to eat after this date, but might not be at its best.


Food Products which have a USE BY date on the food label indicate food which is safe to consume up until the data stated. Food products with a USE BY data should not be eaten after the data stated even if it looks or smells fine. Always refer to the food label for storage instructions. 


Food products with these labels can be ignored. These labels are primarily for the use of shop staff and retailers to inform them of the date until which certain food products can be displayed or sold until. This does not mean that the food product can not be consumed after this date.