Energy Efficiency Tips

Every year, UK households spend £800 million on electricity to run washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers - but by changing to more energy efficient models you can save around 33% on your electricity bills. White goods now come with a rating from "A" to "G", "A" being the most efficient. So, look for the symbol when you are buying a white appliance and remember to recycle your old, broken appliance (Go Mad, The Ecologist, 2001).

It is easier to think that another piece of furniture will help make the house more cosy, but sometimes the more clutter we fill the house with, the less space is left for ourselves. The furnishing business is a massive industry that doesn't always take into account that our home environment should be in harmony with our wider environment. When you are buying furniture, think about where it has come from and what processes it has gone through to get to your home (Go Mad, The Ecologist, 2001).