Glass Tips

Glass is much better for the environment as a packaging material than plastic, because there is no shortage of materials used to make it. Sand, soda ash and limestone (as opposed to crude oil) and its manufacture causes less pollution. However,  these materials still have to be mined, creating scars on the landscape (Go Mad, The Ecologist, 2001).

Recycling glass reduces the amount of raw materials used by 80% and uses 22% less energy than starting from scratch. Glass can be recycled indefinitely as its structure does not deteriorate when it's reprocessed (Go Mad, The Ecologist, 2001).

Recycling just one glass bottle saves enough energy to power a TV Set for an hour and half. The 600,000 tonnes of glass recycled on average in one year in the UK saved enough energy to power every primary school in the UK for a year. For every tonne of glass recycled, a saving of 135 litres of oil and 1.2 tonnes of ash, sand and limestone is made. If we recycled all our glass we could save four times this amount of energy and resources (Go Mad, The Ecologist, 2001).