Dog Fouling

Dog fouling is a nuisance to pedestrians and walkers, and doesn't give a good image of Gibraltar. It is also illegal as a result of The Litter Control Act (1990).

As stated in the Gibraltar Litter Control Act Regulations (1990):

Section 5 of the Litter Control Act shall apply to a person other than a blind person, who, beng in charge of a dog, fails to remove any faeces deposited by the dog and the words "leaves anything whatsoever" shall be taken to include faeces deposited by a dog in the charge of such person.

The amount specified within the regulations in respect of the fixed penalty notice issued under Section 6 of the Act is:

Where the fixed penalty notice relates to dangerous litter (including animal droppings), the fine is £250.

Dog fouling is classified by law as dangerous litter and therefore is a health risk to all community members. Dogs not treated regularly with worming pills can become infected with a type of worm that, if passed on to humans, can lead to a range of diseases.

What Can You Do?

  • Contact the Environmental Agency to report an area where you encounter dog fouling
  • If you are a dog owner yourself, worm your dog regularly
  • Use public bins to dispose of your dog's waste
  • Follow the Golden Rules: GRAB IT, BAG IT, BIN IT, USE ANY BIN


GRAB IT - Always keep a supply of bags near your dog's lead so you don't forget to take them with you on every walk. simply insert your hand in the bag and pick up your dog's waste.

BAG IT - Carefully turn the bag inside out and 'bag'  your dog's mess.

BIN IT - Dispose of the bag in a bin. Dog waste can be put in any public litter bin.