Life in Gibraltar's Sea

Even if we can't see what is in our sea, this doesn't mean there is nothing interesting hiding in the water.

The sea around Gibraltar is full of interesting and colourful life. If you don't believe us, just have a look at the pictures below.

The picture above was taken of a reef just outside Camp Bay. Look at all the colours and different species that exist in our waters. Below we have more photos taken in Gibraltar waters.  


     Tunicate (also known as a Sea Squirt)                     Gorgonian (also known as a Sea Fan)

There are also some amazing and colourful fish and animals that live in our waters. Have a look at these pictures.


Click on any of the names from the list below to check out some of the other fantastic marine life found in our waters.

  Atlantic BlueFin Tuna              Common Dolphin

   Killer Whale                           Loggerhead Sea Turtle

   Shoal of Bogue                     Snakelocks Anemone