Important plants found in Gibraltar

There are many different types of plants growing in Gibraltar, but some of these plants are very special and important.

Did you know that Gibraltar is the only place in Europe where the Gibraltar Candytuft grows in the wild?

Gibraltar's Candytuft flower is mainly found on the Northern and Eastern cliffs of the Rock. These plants grow well in rocky areas like Gibraltar.

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Did you know that the Wild Olive Trees found in many areas of Gibraltar are the great-grandfathers of the olive trees we get our olive oil from?

Wild Olive Trees are very common and widespread throughout Gibraltar.

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Did you know that the Tree House-Leek was given its name because when it grows, it looks like a small tree?

The Tree House-Leek is originally from North Africa, but we can see this plant along the south-eastern cliffs of Gibraltar or just above Camp Bay and Europa Pass.

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