Gibraltar's Monkeys

Gibraltar's Monkeys, also incorrectly known as the Barbary or Rock Ape, live wild around Gibraltar. Their proper name is "Barbary Macaque".

Our monkeys are very important to Gibraltar because they attract a lot of tourists which helps to keep locals in jobs such as selling souvenirs, working in restaurants, etc.  The Barbary Macaques became famous in 1954 when H.M. Queen Elizabeth II visited Gibraltar. Photos and film of the Queen and her children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne, visiting the Barbary Macaques were seen across the world. People have been travelling to Gibraltar from all over the world ever since.  Lets face it, Gibraltar wouldn't be the same without our monkeys, would it?

Did you know that Barbary Macaques are endangered? Because they are the last non-human primate living wild in Europe, they are protected locally.

Primates are a group of mammals that include some of the most intelligent animals. The major kinds of primates are humans, apes, and monkeys. (Taken from: Britannica - Kids)

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