Introduction to Green Business

Environmental challenges in recent years have increased the trend of “going green” in businesses like never before.  There are two main factors that are currently pushing toward environmental-friendly business practices, harsher international and local regulations, and the high fluctuations of fossil-fuel prices.

What does it mean to be sustainable?  Sustainability, green business, eco-friendly, environmentally friendly … are just some of the terms that organizations use to describe practices intended to reduce their impact on the earth.  Helping your company adopt more environmentally-friendly business practices, is an ideal way to save money, reduce your carbon footprint, improve reputation and plan for the future. 

The challenge is developing the right plans that will be supported by your specific company.  One key for businesses is learning how to follow the three R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle.  Becoming green as a business is not a one-off change; it's an on-going endeavour that requires constant learning and revising. Your company needs to decide exactly what being green means to it and how it can realistically achieve these goals.  Many business owners are discovering that looking at their operations through a green lens can help them reduce costs, rethink long-held business practices and open doors to new opportunities.

The Government is encouraging a greener, more sustainable business economy.  Promoting contractors to manage their impact on the environment and commit to environmental initiatives.  The documents below, as well as articles in the adjacent menu, will provide you with further information on Environmental Statements and Plans, compliance with ISO 14001, Corporate Social Responsibility and assessing your company’s environmental footprint.

Documents of interest:

Corporate Social Responsibility: An Implementation Guide for Business (International Institute for Sustainable Development, Canada)

Guideline for the Preparation of Environmental Management Plans (Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources, Australia)

Measuring and Valuing Environmental Impacts: An Introductory Guide (Network for Business Sustainability)

DEFRA position statement on Environmental Management Systems (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, UK)

Your Guide to Environmental Management Systems (WRAP, Working together for a world without waste)