Tidal Energy


Tidal power is a form of renewable energy. Tidal power technology harnesses the energy present in the movement of water as a result of the rise and fall of water levels within rivers, seas and oceans. The kinetic energy present in these tidal changes powers water turbines, rotating the blades to produce electricity.


Advantages of Tidal Power

  • No emissions of Green House Gases.
  • Does not require the consumption of non-renewable resources to function.
  • Tidal Power is a renewable resource of unlimited power.
  • No fluctuations in availability of tidal energy available (unlike wind which varies according to the weather).



  • Maintenance of generating equipment can prove difficult due to location.
  • Materials used to built tidal turbines needs to be salt resistant otherwise durability of turbine would be compromised.
  • Issues surround the extent of impact on the local marine environment. Depending on design, these turbines could contribute to the death of marine life coming into contact with the blades.
  • Installation of equipment is costly due to the nature of the location.