Goat's Hair Twin Caves

Located at 190m above sea level, these two caves lie side by side 30m above the path leading to Martin's Cave. They have both been formed along vertical fractures, and water percolating along these has dissolved most of the rock. Both caves have a large, triangular entrance tapering off some 15m towards the end of the cave. This indicates the likelihood of marine erosion, as there is also a wave-cut platform and evidence of sand conglomerate outside the entrance that could indicate a past sea level. A small population of 300 Schreiber's bats was recorded in the 1960's, but in the last 20 years none have been seen in these caves. This cave holds similar wildlife to Martin's Cave, including a type of gelatinous, black fungus. The southern cave was excavated by the Gibraltar Cave Research Group in 1969 with some of the finds on display at the Gibraltar Museum, but the northern cave is still intact, although it is full of litter.

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