Gibraltar's Air Monitoring Programme

The Gibraltar Air Monitoring Programme consists of three automatic monitoring stations measuring a variety of pollutants and a passive monitoring network measuring nitrogen dioxide and Volatile Organic Compounds through the use of diffusive samplers. the instrumentation deployed was selected to ensure robust measurements at the necessary level of accuracy and time resolution to meet the data quality objectives within the European Air Quality Directives and national legislation.

The monitoring equipment itself forms only one aspect of the overall Gibraltar Air Monitoring Programme. Appropriate maintenance and support, coupled with a well-designed and managed quality control regime, ensure that the raw monitoring data obtained are successfully processed, analysed and interpreted, in order to provide information and ensure compliance under the Air Quality Framework.

Gibraltar Air pollutant measurements are underpinned by a rigorous quality assurance and control programme, central to which are crosschecked calibration standards that are traceable to and compared with internationally recognised meterology standards.

In addition to meeting the Gibraltar Government's monitoring obligations, the data is disseminated in near real-time on the website. This web-based dissemination and reporting, are an important tool for delivery of air quality data and descriptive statistics to a broad range of end users.

The site provides wide and unrestricted accessibility to air quality data and has been designed to be user-friendly, interactive and responsive. Users may download unlimited portions of the database in spreadsheet form or graphs. the website has proved, and continues to prove popular.

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