EU Cities Adapt Project

Adaptation Strategies for European Cities 


The EU cities adapt project is a new project being carried out for Climate Action which will provide capacity building and assistance for cities in developing and implementing an adaptation strategy for potential implication arising from climate change.

The Adaptation Strategies for European Cities project aims to:

  • Expand the knowledge base of the likely impacts of climate change facing cities and their capacity to adapt to them.
  • Engage cities across Europe, raising awareness throughout Europe on the importance of preparing for climate change in cities.
  • Facilitate capacity building for selected cities, exchanging knowledge and good practices between cities.
  • Share the lessons learned, including the tools developed during the project and guidance for cities on adaptation.


The projects vision for this work is that through the life of the project and beyond, cities across Europe will be better equipped to adapt to climate change through a structured and focused support package that builds on existing networks of stakeholders and draws on peer-learning to maximise efficiencies and ensure longevity.

Training and Capacity Building for Cities

Gibraltar has now been through the training phase of the project which aims to build capacity in climate change adaptation for the project cities. This has enabled Gibraltar to have the opportunity to benefit from a comprehensive capacity development package free of charge, incorporating a training programme facilitated by experienced coaches to aid the development of a tailored adaptation strategy. The training undertaken has included web-based tutorials, workshops, city site visits, coaching and peer exchanges, access to a web-portal with tools, guiding materials and a reference library, as well as an interactive members exchange forum.

A new Adaptation strategy for Gibraltar

The aim of the Gibraltar working group has been to collate information on the present and predicted future weather patterns for Gibraltar. To interpret this information on climate change and predict possible impacts for Gibraltar, and how we can adapt to them, and to showcase this information in a clear and understandable format and present our findings to the EU at the study’s end June 2013. This is the first stage of the project and it will continue and develop to provide data and guidance in the future. We aim to raise awareness and to increase Gibraltar’s capacity to adapt to future climate change impacts; including higher temperatures, sea-level rise, greater variability in precipitation, drought etc. We intend to identify Gibraltar’s current and future vulnerable areas to climate change and to further incorporate climate change adaptation measures into our policies and practices.

As such H.M. Government of Gibraltar recognises that, regardless of efforts made at a global scale to reduce carbon emissions, the world is committed to some degree of climate change. Gibraltar will not be immune to the impacts of this and Government recognises that it has a duty to safeguard Gibraltar’s living and built environment for future generations. As such it is developing a strategy to enable Gibraltar to adapt to the impacts it is likely to experience.

The Government recognises that such a strategy needs to be based on sound evidence and are therefore committed to obtaining the necessary information to allow it to develop this plan and realise its vision of a climate resilient Gibraltar.

The Government is committed to placing the environment at the heart of its policy and will work to ensure that climate change considerations are embedded into all decision making processes. It will facilitate the necessary close co-operation and involvement across all of Government to achieve this. 

For further information, please visit the EU Cities Adapt Project Website.