Supporting Clean Up the World 2014


The Department of the Environment supported the ESG’s Clean Up The World Day, alongside many other organisations and groups, and helped clear rubbish along the beach below Prince William’s Battery, known locally as the area of ‘the seven sisters’.

A huge amount of rubbish was collected and removed from the beach, consisting mostly of plastic bottles and containers, chunks of polystyrene, cans and other wastes, including old shoes, ropes, tennis balls, glass, etc.  Wood debris was also cleared and stockpiled for removal, which will be removed on a later date by the ESG with the use of cranes.

All the rubbish found on this beach, most of which can be recycled, is washed up from the sea, highlighting the very serious issue of marine litter in our oceans.  Plastic pollution in the world’s oceans now ranks alongside climate change as one of the biggest issues facing our planet.  We can all do our bit to keep Gibraltar cleaner and our oceans free of rubbish by managing our waste properly, recycling as much as we can and participating in clean up days.

The Department of the Environment is also currently working towards developing a Marine Litter Monitoring Programme; a requirement under the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.  The programme will primarily focus on documenting and categorising litter found throughout coastal environments (mainly beaches).  The aim is to be able to identify the key pressures and sources of marine litter and develop measures to try and prevent it.